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Oct 13 2010

Gene Copy Numbers, Autism and Seaweed

M ost people can get their heads wrapped around the idea that genetic variation can occur by virtue of the presence (or lack) of a particular gene. And no doubt some of you understand the basis of the simple mutations that can influence gene function, such as point deletions (which would make you blood group […]

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Oct 07 2010

The Epigenetics of Lifespan

The beneficial effects of caloric restriction (or therapies that mimic caloric restriction) appear to exert transgenerational effects -at least in rotifers. A new study appears to implicate the enzyme catalase with the longevity benefits of caloric restriction.

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Oct 03 2010

Fingerprint White Lines and Gluten

Although almost everyone knows that fingerprint ridge patterns remain constant and unchanging throughout life (which is why they are so useful to law enforcement) even professionals involved in dermatoglyphics research are often unaware of the changeable nature of the actual height of the ridges themselves. There are a series of surprising correlations between changes to the height of the ridge pattern and links to gluten intolerance found in diseases such as celiac.

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Oct 01 2010

Salacia: a natural anti-diabetic agent

Salacia is a genus of plants in the family Celastraceae. One species in particular, Salacia oblonga, used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine, is increasingly becoming the subject of considerable medical interest: in particular for it’s potential as an anti-diabetic agent.

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Sep 25 2010

Schizophrenia, gluten, and low-carbohydrate ketogenic diets

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Gluten consumption may link to schizophrenia via to changes in glycosylation of the schizophrenic brain.

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