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Mar 02 2015

Blood groups, secretor status and the microbiome

ABO blood group and secretor status exert a powerful influence on the growth on many microorganisms in the body, including yeast, such as Candida albicans, and many of the bacterial forms that inhabit the intestinal tract. In life it’s not just what you are eating, but what is eating you.

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Apr 22 2011

Enterotypes and blood types

My mailbox got choked up the other morning with emails from friends and strangers wondering about my thoughts on the recent study published in Nature on the mapping of gut bacterial (microbiome) patterns to basically three general groups. The findings were extensively reported in the media, including Wired Magazine which managed to start the article […]

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Oct 11 2010

Biofilms and New Music

Many bacteria are capable of altering their genetic expression based upon an assessment of their environmental conditions and a novel approach to controlling bacterial infection may involve interfering with the ability of one bacteria to communicate with another. Interestingly, their modus operandi also makes good New Age music.

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Sep 29 2010

Immunity and bacterial flora

A new study on the role of mucosal immunity and host genetics in defining intestinal commensal bacteria indicates that basic elements of gut immunity, such as antibody secretory IgA (sIgA) exert profound effects on the composition of the bacterial flora that inhabit the gut.

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