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Jul 27 2012

The Refuse

I wrote this note as a comment on my colleague Rick Kirschner’s blog: I thought long and hard on this, especially since I’ve spent a lot of time dealing with misrepresentations of my own work. On one hand there is the ever-present desire to turn the other cheek and convert my response into a teaching […]

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Dec 24 2010

Wrecker of Civilization

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In an idiots-on-stilts blog known as The Encyclopedia of American Loons, Fredrik Haraldsen is documenting what he believes to be the best in American loonery. Loons are cool birds, kind of a triple-threat; they can swim, fly and ambulate. I am proud to be a loon.

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Sep 30 2010


R ead of a fantastic new initiative on The Edge website that proposes to study cancer by involving physical scientists (in this case informatics titan Danny Hillis) in collaboration with biomedical investigators. The leaders of the National Cancer Institute are very keenly aware of how little progress has actually been made in the treatment of […]

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Sep 25 2010


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W elcome to (n=1). a new blog in which I hope to detail new developments and discoveries in the rapidly evolving field of genetic medicine, nutrition, complexity theory and popular culture. Blog this!Recommend on Facebookshare via RedditShare on technoratiTweet about itSubscribe to the comments on this postTell a friend

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